Buying Smartphone Outside India All you need to know #IFS

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Today Xiaomi Launched Mi 6, Or interested for Samsung S8/S8+. However, Samsung S8 or iPhone models higher price in India if compare with the US, Dubai etc. So are you interested to hands these devices at low cost or Mi devices? Before you go, here few things must note down. Buying Smartphone Outside India

Buying Smartphone Outside India – Should Know:

Shopping Store:

Gearbest, Aliexpress, Banggood, DX store and few trusted store to purchases smartphone from China. Amazon.com also best option but they do not ship all product in India. In Aliexpress before order must check seller rating, product review by other buyers must.


Best option Paypal to pay outside India. Also accept VISA, MASTER CARDS. If you get any error while checkout with your debit card means bank don't permission you to do transaction outside India. In this case, contact with CS or visit Brank Branch to issue a new debit card.


For Shipping available with different charge. For unregister /register air parcel shipping free for all stores like Gearbest/Banggood. To USE Fedex, DHL minimum cost 14-20 USD. Now If you purchase accessories like screen guard, headphone this type then choose free service. For the smartphone, the laptop goes with paid DHL/FEDEX shipping.

Customs Duty:

This one an important part. The first question in mind custom duty which way calculate:
  • Cost of the product in India.
  • Translated cost maintain in the package.
Total custom duty between 8%-20% of product price. If purchase small items below 2,000 then almost 90% sure custom duty-free. So total cost of the Product= Cost+Shipping charge+custom duty.

Few point to avoiding Custom duty:

  • Always contact the seller after place order. and request to maintain product cost below 10,000. Then chance you need to pay less amount.
  • If you order product 2,000-5,000 request seller maintain as a gift item.
  • Don't order all item together.Order part by part. A large box means more chance to pay duties.
  • Don't maintain product value Zero. Then chance face problem with Insurance and custom problem.

Warranty or After sale support:

Any Brand doesn't provide after sale support. If you face any problem need to ship back to the seller and after solve they send back. But always remember you need to pay the charge to send back to the seller.

Compatibility :

For Mi, Coolpad, Meizu sells the product in China without Play store and own Chines Rom. Most of the case seller open the box and install Internation ROM and play store before ship. Before purchase confirms from the seller. Also, check the different brand forum for more info like Miui Forum for Miui related Info.

Return and replacement:

As same India e-commerce, they also provide refund and replacement guarantee. First, you need to contact the seller to solve the problem. If not solve then direct contact with CS of the store. A number of option there. If you able to repair the problem here then you get the cost of repair. Also 20-50% partial refund also possible. If don't want to keep then need to ship back. Before place confirms the total replacement and refund terms carefully. If you go for iPhone then don't need to worry, iPhone 7 is compatible with all carriers in India. Same Chines phone as compatible with carriers in India.   At last, before place the final order check total costs of buying, shipping and customs duty then compare with Indian price of the product. Also, keep in mind that warranty claims not theirs. Try to cover all important part to order a product from outside India. If this post helpful then comment below. Also, share your experience related shopping outside India with us. For more this type update, news visit info section of Indiafreestuff.in.
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