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Panel Station fill survey and get Flipkart & Zipcash vouchers

panel-stationThe Panel Station is a unique community of consumers like you who actively participate in expressing their feedback on products and services via online surveys and make an impact.Leading Technology companies like Microsoft, IBM, HP are looking for your opinions. Make a difference in the way they do business by taking our surveys.


Once you complete this simple registration form, you will receive 500 points that you can redeem on for gift vouchers from and ZipCash.



How to get:-
  1. Visit here  and Register
  2. Participate in survey to earn points
  3. Redeem







185 Responses to “Panel Station fill survey and get Flipkart & Zipcash vouchers”

  1. Tefl International says:

    It is a very good survey website.Thanks for posting this info here… (y)

  2. om narayan kran says:

    how can i work i was login before few mintie

    • prashant says:

      wait for new survey
      if you have survey on dashboard then participate
      after completion of survey you get points.
      for redeem you need to at least 3000 point for Rs.300

  3. Kunal verma says:

    How can i earn flipkart vouchers

  4. Yinusa AbdulAkeem says:

    I have registered but could not log in

  5. Yinusa AbdulAkeem says:

    I have problem with LOGGING IN. Can you fix it for me in earnest?

  6. Pritish says:

    Whats is the maximum amount i can redeem.. i have 9000+ points and it is showing i can redeem 8000 points.
    Suppose if i have more then 20000 points.. how much maximum amount can i redeem??

  7. the redeem button doesn't work says:

    the redeem button doesn’t work

  8. Vipin says:

    i have voucher numbet but i have no pin number please hlp m any one

  9. nitin says:

    I have 5900 points out of which I redeemed 3000 points for flipkart vocher does any one knows how much discount coupon will I get?? any idea??

  10. Dv says:

    It is a very good survey website.Thanks for posting this info here… (y)

  11. DivyeshBhura says:

    i got 3000 points but when i click on redeem button , nothing happens plz help admin as at 31th all points will became zero

  12. shapna says:

    i got 3000point voucher but when i using to buy things in flipkart they ask pin number i several time send mail to customer care they are irresponsible about it please if any one know it send me

  13. shapna says:

    i finish survey got 3000point and also got voucher but when i buy one thing and using it they ask voucher pin what to do please help me any one

  14. Grace says:

    i did the registeration and have nt recieved the email

  15. suny says:

    I joined recently and already redeemed and looking forward to redeem again shortly

  16. Deepak says:

    Mere pas to mail hi nhi aate

  17. revathi says:

    yesterday iam joing , i will see after one month, i think its not fake. will see

  18. honey says:

    sign up krne k bd koi mail nahi aaya…..
    admin btao kya karu????????

  19. krish says:

    This is a genuine survey site. In one year I got more than 20 surveys and earned 9000 points which is equivalent to 900 rs. I got screened out in most of the surveys….. otherwise my points would be more than 20000

  20. asutos says:

    fake h yar ye to

  21. sudip says:

    admin after register did not get 500 points

  22. Hayabusa says:

    LOL.! Survey site = Fake.!!

  23. rakesh says:

    Bhai log ish panel station pe register mat karna..ek footi kodi or chawanni v nhi milega…bewkoof banna hai to fir register karo..

  24. adrush says:


  25. s31 says:

    hello everyone

  26. mokshidangi says:

    I am not recieve any survey, why

  27. vaishali says:

    That’s all for now! We will get in touch with you in a while.
    Increase your chances of receiving appropriate surveys by completing your profile information and receive the reward points!
    You need to log-in to your TPS account and ‘Edit’ the profile.

    admin this error is shows every time…its fake i think….

    • Azarudeen says:

      thats a sign of finishing survey. u can check your balance in panel station account. once you reach 3000 you can reddem it.

    • manianasty says:

      Hey,I just got a flipkart voucher from the panel station worth Rs.300, I only got the voucher code but didn’t get any pin which is also required to redeem the voucher…how to get the pin??? Can anybody help me??

  28. rakesh says:

    ye jhandu website hai..

  29. Arpan says:

    bekar site hai,kuch nahi deta hai

  30. nayankumarnaik says:

    fully fake

    • Mrs. Raghunathan says:

      Hi, Only zip cash award received. Flipkart vouchers are not received since November 2013. Now I feel, this is fake.

  31. Biswajit halder says:

    survey point complete ho gaye redemption point par voucher dene pe 2 month laga diya avi b kuch nahi mila….. pending….

  32. raghu says:

    I will rather pay 20 Rs than reading and doing this.

  33. hsingh says:

    when completing the registration on the next page it shows
    “”That’s all for now! We will get in touch with you in a while.
    Increase your chances of receiving appropriate surveys by completing your profile information and receive the reward points!
    You need to log-in to your TPS account and ‘Edit’ the profile””

  34. vaibh says:

    mail to aa nahii raha haii verification and old id ke forget pe password ke liye bhi link nahi aa raha hai … worst site

  35. Bharath says:

    Hey Admin i Have registered here i.e

    After that what should i do….i haven’t got any username and password….Please help me

  36. Manisingla says:

    successfully earned 500 points but now it says when going to redeem it “you need 2500 more point”

    what to do?

  37. Anmol says:

    1 point= how much??

  38. sainadh says:

    I made signup but i didn’t get username and password please tell me how to get it

  39. online241 says:

    what is zip cash???? pls tell me….

  40. obrc35 says:

    Admin…i m not getting any verification mail

  41. cac1998 says:

    Redeemed over 42000 points

  42. Abhinav says:

    showing this msg during signup ‘We regret to inform you that our system
    indicates you are from a different geographical
    location than India. We regret the
    inconvenience, you cannot proceed further’

    • SonGoku says:

      You are getting this since you are accessing from your company’s internet. It must have US/UK based headquarters. Try from Indian internet and you will get it.

  43. reetan007_521c says:

    ohh sorry not the past msg, in this to sign up it is not giving

  44. reetan007_521c says:

    only one review was approved , still 2 are at pendin

  45. cool_vishalgangwar_5103 says:

    It shows thats all for now..I think now they have stop the new registration

  46. jagan says:

    cnt find sign up link.. please help….

  47. Aaliyah says:

    Very good info. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved it for later!

  48. Janine says:

    Can u pls help I can’t log in to panelstation just ssay the email is already register

  49. sbi444 says:

    Can any1 help me register on TPS.

  50. Resh says:

    Hi, I’ld like to register at TPS & become a member but I’m unable to find the link to subscribing/registering on TPS website.
    Can any1 help me register on TPS.

  51. bj9sepbpt says:

    Can anyone reply?

  52. bj9sepbpt says:

    I had redeemed. Rs 200 as a Zipcash voucher from dis site but didnt receive d same ..Almost 3 months have been gone but no idea wn dey ll give?I had mailed dem no of times but dey never replied & also now m unable to login my account wid d correct email & password..What should i do?I guess dey r cheaters..Can u plz help admin?Reply?

  53. Anjali says:

    I am trying to redeem Point 2220 but , I am not getting Pin on MY mobile plz guide me ,How to redeem points?

    • Davinder Singh says:

      If u redeemed for zipcash u have to register on or if u reddemed for any other mode than tell me i will definely help u

  54. vinod says:

    for me not getting surveys plz can u clear-fie me plzzzz y its not comming

  55. vinay says:

    wants surveys for earning

  56. aslah says:

    one man unsubscribe my account by a mistake now
    i cannot login my account please help

  57. chitra says:

    hai bro

    i have 2000 points but i dont know how to get zip cash and flipkart vouchers.

  58. bj9sepbpt says:

    Admin Can i get a single voucher of INR 500,1000?plz reply

  59. justin says:

    I redeemed inr from panel station through zip cash. But they didnot ask me about the deatils of my zip cash account. How they can give money to my account.Plse email me.

  60. yeshwanth says:

    hi i am yeshwanth since from few days i am trying to create an account in the panelstation but i am not getting so i request u.a link to my mail id plese

  61. suji says:

    I am intrested to join this site so please provide me the link.

  62. afreen says:

    I cant find sign up button, please provide me with the referral link.

  63. kanji says:

    i am not able to find registration link

  64. abhishek22in says:

    received flipkart e-Gift Voucher

  65. lavanya says:

    iam not able to find registration link can some one help me

  66. sanjibbodhuk says:

    I cannot find how to register

  67. Prabha Ananth says:

    I am not getting my reward points. I haven’t redeemed & website shows I redeemed. Who redeemed it then? In every mail, points earned is different & lesser & lesser even after more & more points are earned. Why don’t you make a foolproof method so that people are compensated & contented doing your surveys.

  68. mdbest says:

    is this link still working to get 500 points

  69. Rahul says:

    give me link of registration form …
    the old link is now full and no more person can fill the form
    So, kindly help me n provide me link

  70. Ajith says:

    After submitting the details, I got the below message

    That’s all for now! We will get in touch with you in a while.

    Am I registered???

  71. awesome says:

    no capcha image while registering

  72. bj9sepbpt says:

    Is it working admin?plz check….i have already checked but i guess its not working….plz reply asap

  73. Thinus says:

    Hey Admin

    I do not understand yesterday 2013-07-17 I had 1980 points in my account today 2013-07-18 I only have 390 points, the website changed and I get a message that I must complete my profile.

    I have done this before and now I can’t even access my profile, the contact us form on the website doesn’t work either.

    What happened to all my points? I worked hard for them and fulled in every survey honestly now they are just gone?

    Please assist.

  74. vikasvarshney says:

    Not working now.they are done with it

  75. Harishssiet says:


  76. Harishssiet says:


  77. Harishssiet says:


  78. Harishssiet says:


  79. Harishssiet says:


  80. Harishssiet says:


  81. Harishssiet says:


  82. sarthakujjain_510a says:

    i have one code to redeem its of 250 points please tell where to redeem those points?

  83. roxhit says:

    Admin i registered and get mail of my account details,with password but when i login to theplanelstation it say Invalid login.
    Now what is wrong plz reply me!

  84. @admin not working………please check…..

  85. [email protected] says:

    I am in Noida…btw

  86. [email protected] says:

    Why am I getting this error on landing page?

    Your current location is not eligible to participate in this Survey. We look forward to serve you in future.

  87. cac1998 says:

    I have redeemed over Rs. 1400 from THEPANELSTATION through ZIPCASH mode and used it for making payment on INDIAPLAZA. TPS & ZC ROCKS. But IFS ROCKS the most. Thanks IFS

  88. ziagkp says:

    offer has been closed admin

  89. nagaraj says:

    does not open registrations page
    i get the error message that is given below pleas help me
    It seems the offer you were looking for is currently unavailable. We suggest you look at following handpicked options.

  90. Animesh says:

    good site

  91. Ankita Balar says:

    working 🙂 got 500 points

  92. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Today i get one survey at email form them Complete and get 1100 points from The Panel Station

  93. saurav.chir_50b7 says:

    how to redeem the points for gift voucher?

  94. Badman says:

    thanks bro for hlp.. now i got the solution!! 😀

  95. naushad008_50e4 says:

    hey registration done but now it says login failed

  96. pageer says:

    im from chennai… it shows “Your current location is not eligible to participate in this Survey. We look forward to serve you in future”.

  97. naushad008_50e4 says:

    hey it doesn’t happens
    after puttin details nothing happens no thankyou nathain

    • admin says:

      Re-visit page to find sign up link first, After successful registration and short survey submission you will get this msg “hat’s all for now! We will get in touch with you in a while.”

  98. thiru says:

    im waiting

  99. TrustMe says:

    Its saying ” Thank you, but currently registration is not
    open on the site ”
    🙁 What to do now?

  100. smreti says:

    Please provide link for sign up

  101. sudha says:

    I couldn’t able to open the site in firefox. Is this site still working?

  102. princerv says:

    Genuine site..i received Rs.200 to my zipcash account by redeeming 2000points,i used this Rs.200 to Recharge and buy Hair Dryer from,Recommended site.

  103. PARUL GUPTA says:


  104. Renuka Banerjee says:

    Is it still working ??????

    • indirakark says:

      Hey guys dont waste ur time in doin their surveys i had been their panelist since a year they dont pay you keep sending them mails for redemption they dont respond so dont waste ur time in registration also..

      • indirakark says:

        Intially they might pay u 100, 200 rupees when the amount of redemption increase they stop paying u and stop sending u surveys also.

        • viharshah says:

          @indirakark i dont think so, i am regular user of panel station . i have 10000 point in my account . i regularly get the surveys. and i am happy with them 🙂

        • cac1998 says:

          @indirakark. I have redeemed over 27000 points in Zipcash Deposit & Flipkart E – Vouchers. Its the best Survey Site out there.

      • riyukh says:

        I also redeemed a lot of points in zipcash voucher from them. i have been using this site for 3 years now. they are definitely not cheaters. but it takes almost a month before you get money after redeeming.

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