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Panel Station fill survey and get Flipkart & Zipcash vouchers

panel-stationThe Panel Station is a unique community of consumers like you who actively participate in expressing their feedback on products and services via online surveys and make an impact.Leading Technology companies like Microsoft, IBM, HP are looking for your opinions. Make a difference in the way they do business by taking our surveys.


Once you complete this simple registration form, you will receive 500 points that you can redeem on for gift vouchers from and ZipCash.



How to get:-
  1. Visit here  and Register
  2. Participate in survey to earn points
  3. Redeem







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181 Responses to “Panel Station fill survey and get Flipkart & Zipcash vouchers”

  1. Kunal verma says:

    How can i earn flipkart vouchers

  2. Yinusa AbdulAkeem says:

    I have registered but could not log in

  3. Yinusa AbdulAkeem says:

    I have problem with LOGGING IN. Can you fix it for me in earnest?

  4. Pritish says:

    Whats is the maximum amount i can redeem.. i have 9000+ points and it is showing i can redeem 8000 points.
    Suppose if i have more then 20000 points.. how much maximum amount can i redeem??

  5. the redeem button doesn't work says:

    the redeem button doesn’t work

  6. Vipin says:

    i have voucher numbet but i have no pin number please hlp m any one

  7. nitin says:

    I have 5900 points out of which I redeemed 3000 points for flipkart vocher does any one knows how much discount coupon will I get?? any idea??

  8. Dv says:

    It is a very good survey website.Thanks for posting this info here… (y)

  9. DivyeshBhura says:

    i got 3000 points but when i click on redeem button , nothing happens plz help admin as at 31th all points will became zero

  10. shapna says:

    i got 3000point voucher but when i using to buy things in flipkart they ask pin number i several time send mail to customer care they are irresponsible about it please if any one know it send me

  11. shapna says:

    i finish survey got 3000point and also got voucher but when i buy one thing and using it they ask voucher pin what to do please help me any one

  12. Grace says:

    i did the registeration and have nt recieved the email

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