How to use Shopclues Cluebucks and Gift Certificate

Posted on Jun 08,2013 17:08
Many peoples who are new in online shopping often get puzzle how to use gift certificate or cluebucks at shopclues. In this post we are trying to simplyfy this process.   1)What is Cluebucks? Cluebucks is cashback  which you get with every purchase made at shopclues. For every Rs. 100 spned on Shopclues, they give you 2 cluebucks. 1 Cluebucks = Rs. 1 which you can redeem with your next order.   2) What is Shopclues Gift Certificate and How can i Buy  Gift certificate? Gift certificate is like shopclues cash which you can use to buy anything. You can also combine Gift certificate with coupons. To do this first apply coupon then use gift certificate. To purchase Gift certificate visit this page. You can buy gift certificate in multiply of Rs. 100.   3) How can i check my Shopclues Gift certificate? Visit this page >Enter your your gift certificate number and click validate. You will be able to see left balance and history of gift certificate usage.     How to use Cluebucks or Gift certificate at Shopclues:-
  1. Login or Register at Shopclues
  2. Add Product which you want to buy
  3. Proceed to checkout
  4. Select/Update shipping details
  5. At next page see there will be 3 box in left side (see image below)
  6. First box is for coupon code second for Gift certificate and third for Cluebucks
  7. First apply any coupon if you have
  8. Next for Gift certificate enter your gift certificate number and click apply and for Cluebucks enter how many cluebucks you want to redeem and click apply for example if you have 100 cluebucks and for order you want to redeem only 80 then enter 80 and click apply
  9. Proceed with order > Confirm order
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