How to use Shopclues Cluebucks and Gift Certificate

How to use Shopclues Cluebucks and Gift Certificate

Many peoples who are new in online shopping often get puzzle how to use gift certificate or cluebucks at shopclues. In this post we are trying to simplyfy this process.


1)What is Cluebucks?

Cluebucks is cashback  which you get with every purchase made at shopclues. For every Rs. 100 spned on Shopclues, they give you 2 cluebucks. 1 Cluebucks = Rs. 1 which you can redeem with your next order.


2) What is Shopclues Gift Certificate and How can i Buy  Gift certificate?

Gift certificate is like shopclues cash which you can use to buy anything. You can also combine Gift certificate with coupons. To do this first apply coupon then use gift certificate. To purchase Gift certificate visit this page. You can buy gift certificate in multiply of Rs. 100.


3) How can i check my Shopclues Gift certificate?

Visit this page >Enter your your gift certificate number and click validate. You will be able to see left balance and history of gift certificate usage.



How to use Cluebucks or Gift certificate at Shopclues:-

  1. Login or Register at Shopclues
  2. Add Product which you want to buy
  3. Proceed to checkout
  4. Select/Update shipping details
  5. At next page see there will be 3 box in left side (see image below)
  6. First box is for coupon code second for Gift certificate and third for Cluebucks
  7. First apply any coupon if you have
  8. Next for Gift certificate enter your gift certificate number and click apply and for Cluebucks enter how many cluebucks you want to redeem and click apply for example if you have 100 cluebucks and for order you want to redeem only 80 then enter 80 and click apply
  9. Proceed with order > Confirm order


46 Responses to “How to use Shopclues Cluebucks and Gift Certificate”

  1. sanyat says:

    the 3 boxes are not coming please help

    • admin says:

      Now shopclues interface is changed. Now on step 2, below apply coupon click on redeem cluebucks. For Gift card under Select payment > Choose Gift card > Apply GC code

  2. Shukla Yash says:

    when i get cluebucks in my account?

  3. Shukla Yash says:

    how can i get cluebucks in my account?

  4. maggie says:

    I have 1445 amount in clues buck but even when i ordered the items ….its still exist the same amount …why?

  5. Chandrika Ram says:

    can i get cluebucks money in my bank account plz reply

  6. Chandrika Ram says:

    how i get cluebucks money in my account

  7. RIKITA DAS says:

    I have 454 clue bucks in my account.when i try to redeem it in my next order it show me a messege ‘can’t apply cluebucks’.can you tell me why??

  8. khushi says:

    how to cancel the replace order

  9. aj says:

    how to use cluesbucks .

    • admin says:

      Add product which you wish to buy, while on checkout select enter cluebucks amount which you want to use and apply.

  10. Farman Khan says:

    i am how to shopping clues bucks in shopclues

  11. monica says:

    not able to use my shop clue bucks.there is no coloumn of using clue bucks in cash card/wallet.plz help

  12. purna says:

    i had 4699 clue blucks how to use that blucks
    can explain in brief

  13. Kayathri says:

    I can’t use my clue bucks .

  14. rajni says:

    my order no. is 74495226, I want to cancell my order

  15. glen says:

    I have 797 clue bucks, but how I can reedem them, I get mails from shopclues about it, but it does not show in my account, please help…. Thank you.

  16. gitesh says:

    how i use clue bucks because cluebucks code is not given to me

  17. Rahul says:

    I shop with shopclues since 1yr yet i have lot of cluebucks bt i can’t see my account and yet can’t redeem them also. Now how can i use then ?

  18. lokesh says:

    My orders are not shipped yet

  19. Vijay kumar says:

    Received a mail of 922clue bucks had been credited. But on ordering clue bucks box is not been displayed. What I have to do to redeem clue bucks & i.

  20. Vivek says:

    How can I cancell Order.

  21. rehana says:

    Hi… as a guest ( not creat account )i shop from shop clues, and collect cluebucks with my item parcel box …now how to use it ???

  22. Dixon Vohra says:

    there is no column of clues bulks cash… now what to do

  23. prasad balivada says:

    how to use total clues bucks balance

  24. khushboo says:

    clues bucks is not mention 3 coloum is not showing

  25. damodar says:

    How to use clues blocks
    While mentioning clucs bucks we are getting invalid payment method

  26. ganesh says:

    i have deposited the before on delivery amount to purchge the some items.but the soap clue refused to deliver the same & my amount deposited in cluebucks without my permission.this cheating to the custmers

  27. Junaid says:

    ShopClues Fraud website shopclues. public ka paisa kha raha he

  28. Sunil Verma says:

    When i order shoes .cluebuks apply option not can i redeem my cluebuks for puchasing

  29. chandan verma says:


    I have order a shoes of size-7. I would like to confirm that if size does not fit to me then could be replace it? if yes then what is the process to change it?

  30. Suresh Gattu says:


    I have purchased two products.

    11 Nov 2014 26465623 Samsung LED 32EH4003 32″ HD LED— Rs. 17259.00 Processing – Pickup Initiated

    11 Nov 2014 26462837 Stylish Pendulum Wall Clock Plaza 22 Rs. 149.00 Paid.

    I haven’t add any clues bucks in my account.

    Can u help me how to add clues bucks in my account. I want purchase another item.

  31. Jones says:

    can i use multiple Gift certificates in a single purchase?

  32. monica says:

    Can i use my cluebucks to buy anything from sunday flea market????? Or at what amount of order i can use my earned cluebucks???

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