How to Add & Use Amazon Gift Card

Posted on Jun 22,2015 20:20
Received Amazon Gift card or bought but don't know how to use? here we going to show step by step method. You can buy Amazon Gift card from Amazon Gift Card page if you don't have any gift card. How to Add & Use Amazon Gift Card  

Features of Amazon Gift Card:-

  • Safe and Easy to use.
  • Place order in single click.
  • Gift Cards are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
  • Gift card balance can be used on all products on including all brands gift cards.

How to Add Amazon Gift card in Account?

  1. Roll over Hello (Your Name), Your Orders on top right corner at Amazon Website.
  2. Click on Your Account.
  3. Click View Gift Card Balance.
  4. Login using your id and password.
  5. Enter Gift Card number in box and click add to your account.
  6. You will see msg "Gift Card has been applied to your account".
  7. Use this while on checkout.

Step by Step Screenshot of How to add Amazon Gift card.


How to Use Amazon Gift Card Balance?

Its very simple to use Amazon Gift card balance, while on checkout at step Delivery & Payment, tick use your available balance > At next step click place order. gift-card-how-to-pay [shoprating]107918[/shoprating]