Get your free payback card & earn Payback points on every purchase

PAYBACK is a unique loyalty program that lets you earn points for the things you do daily, like refueling, traveling, shopping, eating out, watching movies, flying etc. etc. You can earn points irrespective of how you make the payment be it cash, cheque, credit or debit card. Points earned can be redeemed against fabulous rewards from the PAYBACK rewards catalogue or at PAYBACK’s various offline partners and online partners. i-mint IS NOW PAYBACK, Your i-mint points are now called PAYBACK points.





3 simple steps to earn PAYBACK points right away
  1. Shop on your online shopping store
  2. During Payment, enter your 16 digit PAYBACK (former i-mint) card number in the provided field
  3. Earn PAYBACK points



How to get it for free:-

  1. Click Join now
  2. Click on payback card or click here
  3. Fill the details
  4. Get your card free delivered at your home with in 14 days

To know more visit FAQ page here





83 Responses to “Get your free payback card & earn Payback points on every purchase”

  1. Monica says:

    My payback no was linked to ebay and i have done many purchasese.but now it shows that my ac is not linked to ebay.i am not able to redeem my points.i am having points of 350rupees.i have called to ebay and payback but in vain.i request you to plz link my account to ebay so that i can purchase my items.i will be thankfull to you

  2. Sumit Kumar says:

    I am not able to apply for a new payback card. There is no JOIN option on this site.

  3. nitesh says:

    How can I redeem my point

  4. Bhaskar90901 says:

    Shop at bigbazar they will give u free sim and payback card..

  5. raja says:

    No option to join show on

  6. ANAND MOHAN says:

    Sign up nahi aa raha hai

  7. Sourav Sarkar says:

    How can i order payback card

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