Free Sample Dabur Red Toothpaste [First 10,000 participants]


Free Sample Dabur Red Toothpaste [First 10,000 participants]


First 10,000 participants in “Dabur Red Toothpaste Exchange Offer” will get free Sample pack of Dabur Red Toothpaste. Offer valid till 25th Jan 2014 or first 10,000 entry which reaches first.


How to get:

  1. Visit here
  2. Fill form
  3. Submit
  4. You will get msg “Thank you. You have successfully registered for Dabur Red Paste Exchange offer. You will be receiving further communication by SMS/email”


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Other method:-

  • Call on 18001028882
  • SMS EXCHANGE<> current toothpaste name <> Your Name <> Your Address <> Pincode to 08800933044 to participate in Free Exchange Offer . Example: EXCHANGE Happy Toothpaste Sushil Kumar c/2 , Mayur Vihar , New Delhi 100010




Here is picture of received sample by our reader Aakanksha


Shared by Himanshukhandelwal and himanshunagpal




73 Responses to “Free Sample Dabur Red Toothpaste [First 10,000 participants]”

  1. Ramanvasishth says:

    Raman vasishth says:
    Can v order multiple samples of dabur red
    paste from different no. but of same
    address???Will dey send more than more 1
    sample?? Reply Admin….

  2. abbhishek says:

    i m not received my paste upto now and time for the product receiving is over. where is my product gone how can i examin dabour paste quality.

  3. Biswajit Halder says:

    Got it yesterday….. Very nice & different packaging…. Once again Thanks Admin

  4. cac1998 says:

    Got 3 packs. Thanks IFS

  5. rockyforya says:

    Its been 10days not recieved yet hope admin shld take care of it.. thx..

  6. sidhar says:

    yeah i got.. but gonna expire within 2 month..

  7. Douglas D'gama says:

    recd my sample today

  8. Perminder Kaur says:

    Got mine 3 ones yesterday!

  9. vhudlikar says:

    Ordered on 5 Jan 14 n received it on 21 Jan 14 yippee 🙂

  10. rockyforya says:

    Did on 16th hope i get it soon..

  11. Sekhar says:

    Thnks Admin. Jst now i get one….

  12. naughtyabhi1993 says:

    got two thx ifs 🙂 🙂

  13. Shashikant says:

    Last week i got sms u are selectd we wil despatch toothpaste. But aftr 7-8 still nt recd yet. Even i not recd tracking code frm any courier co. Any body help friends.. @admin helpl. Plzeee.

  14. shalu says:

    I got 23…but they all r left with short life span

  15. Arpan says:

    Thanks ifs.GOT 3

  16. Kriti says:

    I also received the Toothpaste Today…. Thanks IFS 🙂

  17. rohitmehta14390 says:

    Received sample yesterday

  18. preet5 says:

    Received sample today. 100g 🙂

  19. shilpab2 says:

    Received sample today. Thanks

  20. nelsonite says:

    Got sample today along with product leaflet…..great product!!!

  21. Vasishta says:

    Got the sms today that I will be receiving the tooth paste in 10-15 days by courier.

  22. priyanka says:

    got samples today..
    thanx IFS

  23. Kunalchauhan says:

    Received today at evening.

  24. hnagpal66_5252 says:

    received 3 toothpaste

  25. Ankush says:

    Got 6 toothpastes through dtdc 🙂

  26. naughtyabhi1993 says:

    GOT IT.. 🙂

  27. nitinmunjani says:

    Received SMS today…lets wait to receive sample.

  28. nitinmunjani says:

    Received sms today…

  29. himanshunagpal says:

    dabur red sms offer shared by me…pls add my name for this offer

  30. tulasiraolanke says:

    received message hopefully i will get the samples

  31. himanshu says:

    hlo admin dabur red exchange offer by sms method shared by me…. So pls add my name also for this offer

  32. aakanksha53 says:

    Received it today 🙂

  33. Himanshu says:

    hlo pls check my post in forum In indian freebies section for latest dabur red offer

  34. harshitram says:

    Submitted form successfully.

  35. Kauser says:

    Receiving error after submitting the form.
    Request u to please test it once.

  36. bj9sepbpt says:

    showing unexpected error page

  37. prachi says:

    Whether we have to actually exchange the toothpaste or they provide free sample?Admin please clear the doubt..

  38. A C says:


  39. bj9sepbpt says:

    Can v order multiple samples of dabur red paste from different no. but of same address???Will dey send more than more 1 sample?? Reply Admin….

  40. Arpan says:

    Received today.

  41. M.Srikanth says:

    Received today.Thanks admin

  42. M.Srikanth says:

    I received it today.Thanks admin!

  43. cac1998 says:

    Received 2 packs today.
    Thanks IFS

  44. Rahul says:

    received today

    • Vasishta says:

      Congo. I got a message that existing Dabur tooth paste users are not eligible to receive it. Did u get any such message before receiving the toothpaste?

  45. ziagkp says:

    gr8 i have received today thanx admin

  46. Kriti says:

    Got it yesterday….. Very nice & different packaging…. Once again Thanks Admin 🙂

  47. gj26 says:


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