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Posted on Jan 11,2014 08:06
pedigree-free-sample Pedigree dog food completes dog nutirition needs, Pedigree Dog food gives our dog Healty skin and coat, Strong teeth, Superior Digestion and stronger Immune System.         First on March 2011 we posted one free sample offer free sample of Pedigree Dog Food, Some of our readers have got that time but not all. Now again after 2 years Pedigree Dog Food has come up with similar offer. This time you can request Free Pedigree Dog Food sample by calling on Toll free number 1800-407112121 (mon to fri) or by registering yourself on   How to get:-
  1. Visit here
  2. Register
  3. Login
  4. Complete Profile
  5. Tick "Yes, I want to get free samples from Pedigree"
  6. Click Submit
    Alternately you can also request sample by calling on 1800-407112121 (call between monday to friday from 8.30 to 5pm) or SMS PED to 9220092200   pedigree Received sample by our reader on  19th July 2013:- ifs