Free Nivea Whitening Body Lotion Sample (First 10,000 peoples) - flauntyourback

Posted on Jul 23,2013 17:50
Flauntyourback  first 10,000 entries win a Nivea whitening body sample and 300 winners win exclusive Salon Vouchers when you accessorize your Back picture. You also get a  chance to star in the next Nivea Video. nivea     [Expired] How to get:-
  1. Visit here
  2. Scroll down
  3. Click Participate of banner where it displaying free sample for first 10,000 users
  4. Login/Register
  5. Choose occasion
  6. Upload pic
  7. Click on Accessory from right menu and set on picture
  8. Click submit
  9. Fill in your address and click submit
    You will get msg Thank your for flaunting your back!       More Nivea Running Free Sample:-
  1. Free Nivea Whitening Deodorant Travel Pack
  2. Free 5pc Nivea armprint tattoos
nivea11   Here is Received stuff by our Reader Abhishek body-lotion     Shared by samarpratap here