Free Nivea Whitening Body Lotion Sample (First 10,000 peoples) - flauntyourback

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Free Nivea Whitening Body Lotion Sample (First 10,000 peoples) – flauntyourback

Flauntyourback  first 10,000 entries win a Nivea whitening body sample and 300 winners win exclusive Salon Vouchers when you accessorize your Back picture. You also get a  chance to star in the next Nivea Video.





How to get:

  1. Visit here
  2. Scroll down
  3. Click Participate of banner where it displaying free sample for first 10,000 users
  4. Login/Register
  5. Choose occasion
  6. Upload pic
  7. Click on Accessory from right menu and set on picture
  8. Click submit
  9. Fill in your address and click submit



You will get msg Thank your for flaunting your back!




More Nivea Running Free Sample:

  1. Free Nivea Whitening Deodorant Travel Pack
  2. Free 5pc Nivea armprint tattoos



Here is Received stuff by our Reader Abhishek




Shared by samarpratap here

29 Responses to “Free Nivea Whitening Body Lotion Sample (First 10,000 peoples) – flauntyourback”

  1. Guru says:

    Today I have received the sample of Nivea

  2. abhishek22in says:

    wow MRP 115

  3. Kriti says:

    If anyone has received this Body Lotion sample…. Let us know….

  4. Kriti says:

    I think the Picture….. that is posted above….. is of Nivea Total Face Clean-up….. Its not a picture of Nivea Body Lotion….

  5. Pujara says:

    Admin can you please tell me what Athik Mohammed has received?
    Has he got the Nivea Body Whitening sample?
    And what is the weight of the sample that he has received?

  6. Pujara says:

    I haven’t received anything till now!
    God knows will I get them or not!
    Still keeping my fingers crossed!

  7. goel says:

    Pujara..try it on google chrome and lets checkout fo pop ups..let the popups allowed…Its working for me…I have received the sample yesterday 🙂

    • pujara says:

      When did you order for the samples???
      I have also placed the order but till now I haven’t received any samples!!!
      What kind of sample is it?
      Is it a bottle or a pouch?

      I hope that I will receive the samples!!!
      Keeping my fingers crossed!

      Please Reply Admin and goel!

  8. Harpreet kaur says:

    Please send me free samples of nivea whitening body lotion

  9. pujara says:

    Sir,it wasn’t working on Firefox but it is working fine in IE.
    Sir,are you sure that they will send the samples???

    And in how many days,will the sample reach us?

    • 24 Hrs delivery says:

      pujara you claiming free sample…since the company likes ur name…so you will get the FREE sample of Nivea Lotion with ANUSHKA sharma’s autograph in just 24 Hrs…Incase you need anything else..please feel free to let them know

      • pujara says:

        Jokes apart mate,I’m serious regarding this!
        Admin can you please tell me whether they are actually willing to send the samples or not?
        And when can I expect the samples to reach my place?

  10. monesh says:

    not working in any browser

  11. gaurav jain says:

    not working bro @ sis

  12. pujara says:

    Sir I am waiting for your reply!!!
    Please reply!!!

  13. pujara says:

    Please help me sir!
    I need your help,what might be the problem.
    I am female,but even then this is happening!

  14. pujara says:

    Please help me sir,what should I do now???

    It’s not working properly!

  15. pujara says:

    It says – Not available for Mobile.
    Then it get stuck!

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