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happy-birthday-song has a personalized Happy Birthday song just for you! Yes. An Full song personalized with your name. It is a Birthday song mp3 – personalized Birthday song just for you. Happy Birthday!




Update:-  We had posted this post on April 2011 after almost 2 years we bumping post as they have now added more than 2k Indian names.




Tip:- To find your name click first letter of name at top of the site, For example if your name is Rahul click R and then find your name. Click again for song



How to get:-

  1. Click here to Visit site
  2. Click on first letter of your name to find your name
  3. Click on your name
  4. Play, Download, Send song to friend………anything you want


120 Responses to “Birthday Song With Your Name @ FREE –”

  1. Sundeep says:

    Kindly add name “Elishka”

  2. Kehkasha says:

    Kehkasha plz add my name today is required:/

  3. Kehkasha says:

    Kehkasha plz add my name:p:D

  4. Hashwanth says:

    can you please send a song by today…tomorrow is my sons first birthday

  5. Suri says:

    Could you please add my daughter name in the List.
    Her name is “JAANVI”. She is going to celebrate her B’day in next week.
    So could you please add it as early as possible.


  6. MAANIYA says:

    plz add this name this name is missing

  7. haranya says:

    need a name for haranya

  8. ZENCY says:


  9. ZENCY says:


  10. Shrinivas. P says:

    Please add these names SHAMVRITHA and SHASMITHA asap.


    Shrinivas. P.

  11. SUNANDA says:


  12. ashwin says:

    plz add Dimple to ur song and send me as soon as possible

  13. noushin says:

    I want this name very soon

  14. noushin says:

    I want this name very soon

  15. Arvindsinh Chauhan says:

    Happy Birthday 2 u

  16. Prayesh says:

    my name is also missing “PRAYESH”

  17. Robert says:

    Kindly add the name Jhansi Robert in your list ASAP. i want to surprise my wife on her birthday

  18. chaitanya says:

    Can you please add my daughter-in-law name SAHASRA for Birthday song.
    Awaiting for your earliest response.
    Thanks in advance.



    Pleas play the birthday song on my sons name Hashmath saiful .

  20. Mahima says:

    plz add the name Astuj in your list ASAP, i want to surprise him on his bday .

  21. Ratan says:

    Happi bday Ratan

  22. Vignesh says:

    Can you pls add ABHIRATH SABARI in your list?

  23. Shashreek says:

    My son name shashreek is missing in the list. Please add.

  24. Bhavani says:

    Nausad is missing pls add this name

  25. Bhavani says:

    Pls add Nausad

  26. Atiksh says:

    happy birthday to u atiksh

  27. prachi says:

    please do it fast on 27.2.2014

  28. Akshay says:

    pls add my name AKSHAY

  29. bala says:

    hi.. my son name is jeydeep.his 3rd birthday is march 3.. plz upload it before 3rd march..

  30. MYSHA says:

    My daughter’s name is missing in your list. Please add her name as its her 1st Birthday i we want to make it special for us. Her name is MYSHA pronounced as Mye-sha

  31. jyothi says:

    add the name shahida

  32. sriakka says:


  33. Samkit says:

    Please add my son’s name “Swarnim” , his b’day is on 31st Jan


  34. ALI ABBAS says:

    plz add happy birth day songs the name of ali abbas

  35. ALI ABBAS says:


  36. Rubeena says:

    happy birthday to uu

  37. hussain says:

    H.MAHREEN MAY 2012 at 16:45:32 PM

    hi this is very nice and useful for all..

    my daughter name is “H.MAHREEN” is missing plz add this name.

    her birthday on MAY 28.. plz provide a song

    thank u

  38. Asif says:

    The name SHIFA is missing , pls. add

  39. Kullu says:

    I want aad Kull name because this name is not in list

  40. Dhara Doshi says:

    Please help i cant download song

  41. mohana says:

    birthday song or ringtone plz

  42. bavesh says:

    Happy brthdey bavesh

  43. Sahasra says:

    Please add Name: Sahasra. This name is missing please add.

  44. SREENATH says:

    Pleae add my son name

  45. Ragu says:

    Plz add this name Sananda in the list as soon as possible b’coz Jan 2nd is her B’day…Waiting for your Updation…

  46. nikita says:

    happy birthday

  47. nitinrao says:

    dear I want birthday song in the name of Skandesh Krishna.. as soon as possible, coming dec 18 is his birthday..

  48. ABAAN says:

    This name is missing plz add this name as soon as possible

  49. Shashikant says:

    Hey my brother’s birthday at 28 Nov please send me song name of Krishh and now he is completing his 6 years.

  50. rashmi says:

    my friend birthday 26th novmbar i want the song in the name of rashmi

  51. aarti says:

    pls my request,my brother name is harshad n his b’day is 25nov. so pls send me..

  52. vaibhav says:

    Pls I requied this urgently can any 1 help me where i get this

  53. vaibhav says:

    I required these name of song

  54. deboja says:

    pls add my friend name DEBOJA

  55. Saurabh Singhal says:

    My sons name is HItarth and his birthday is on 19th November. It would be great if a birthday wish can be made with his name.

    Best Regards,

  56. Adith says:

    add my son name “Adith”

  57. karthik says:

    add my son name “DWIJEESH” pls

  58. nargis says:

    Plz add this name Neelofar

  59. amit says:

    I want to add this name in song

  60. spandana says:

    please add this name :)

  61. chandra lekha says:

    pls add this name

  62. SHEEHAN says:


    Just visited your fabulous website, thank you so much.

    Just wondering if you are able to add SHEEHAN for my son who is turning 21.

    Best Regards

  63. sravani says:

    pls add my sons name sidhvik

  64. pradeep says:

    Please add my daughters name it’s Prithika.

  65. DINKAR says:

    I just cant believe this. thanks a ton.

  66. Selva says:

    hi guys…
    hi this is very nice and useful for all..

    my son name is “MITHRAN” is missing plz add this name.

    he’s birthday on OCT 21.. plz provide a song

    thank u

  67. TARUSHI says:

    hi this is very nice and useful for all..

    my daughter name is “TARUSHI” is missing plz add this name.

    her birthday on OCT 21.. plz provide a song

    thank u

    • dharma_aadhitya says:

      Hi Tarushi,

      Plz go to this URL

      Fill all the details and give How is the name pronounced phonetically.

      If they have any doubt they will call you and ask how to pronounce.

      After getting call, it will take 10 days to update the Birthday song. you will get email notification also.

      Like that only I added my daughter name “INIYAA”

  68. Bhavani says:

    hi this is very nice and useful for all..

    my daughter name is “MIRTHIKA” is missing plz add this name.

    her birthday on OCT 11.. plz provide a song

    thank u

  69. arth says:

    Guys, how to download… pls give the ways….

  70. ranju says:

    I Am using it for Years

  71. neha_cham says:

    Nice. Thanks IFS :)

  72. Bhavitha Naidu says:

    plz add 23rd,sept her birthday

  73. Bhavitha Naidu says:

    plz add bhavitha naidu name in above website


  74. varna says:

    Pleas add d name varna to ur names list….

  75. varna says:

    I want d song wit d name varna

  76. Birthday Song says:

    Now over 13,000 FREE names including 5,000 Indian names.

    Also, there are over 200 thousand FREE videos with the song (16/name). New names must be requested at least 1 month in advance at

    Thanks India Free Stuff!

  77. Anisha says:

    Could you please add Neelya on your list .
    For her 1st birthday on september
    Thx and great website..

  78. Roli says:

    Its my baby’s first birthday and her name is not there… Can you please add song by the name Rivika.
    will be very thankful to you.

  79. Harish says:

    Need Birthday song in the name of Akshobhya which is not there in the list , pls ADD and let me know , Tomorrow is his Birthday i.e 26th Aug …
    so pls help me get

  80. Father Anthony says:

    keep it up

  81. sarry says:

    thanks a lot for this web

  82. nijel says:

    this is the nice web to happy people.
    with thanks

  83. premkumar says:

    hi this is very nice and useful for all..

    my daughter name “MONISHA” is missing plz add this name.

    his birthday on Aug 16.. plz provide a song

    thank u

  84. saksham says:

    admin play shashwat bday song

  85. palash says:

    i need fastly

  86. nagaraju says:

    hi this is very nice and useful for all..

    my friend name “Trinath” is missing plz add this name.

    his birthday on Aug 10th.. plz provide a song

    thank u

  87. moulish says:

    Pls its my request this my sweet son name today birthaday so need song on this name

  88. Bittu says:

    Nice Birthday song

  89. Santhiya says:

    Jain Name is missing in the list. If u add it will be useful for me. Thanks

  90. anjli kumari says:

    thanks for the mention. we now have over 200 names

  91. Gen Ravi Thodge says:

    Happy Birthday today

  92. suma says:

    i want the song in tha name of sowji

  93. narsimha says:

    send me

  94. chankya says:

    i want the song in the name of chankya

  95. utkarsa says:

    hai gaice this is kero kerolisha find a song name is utkarsa

  96. utkarsa says:

    hai gaice can u find a song for this name

  97. PRABHAT says:

    yes after clearing cache its working :D

  98. PRABHAT says:

    no its playing happy birthday jayanta

  99. PRABHAT says:


  100. Rancho says:

    Perfect all my friends names are there except one :)

  101. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the mention. We now have over 4,000 names including over 1,000 Indian names.

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