Big Bazaar Profit Club Pay Rs. 5000 / Rs. 10000 Shop for Rs. 6000 / Rs. 12000

Posted on Dec 12,2014 19:00

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big-bazaar Big Bazaar has recently launched a membership program called the ‘Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB’. The key benefit of this program is that its members can pay Rs. 5000 or Rs.10,000 and shop for Rs. 500 or Rs.1,000 every month, for 12 months. This means that you pay Rs. 5000 or Rs.10,000 but you actually get to shop for Rs. 6000 or Rs. 12,000.   Terms:-
  • To become a member, you just have to pay a nominal one-time registration fee of Rs.100.
  • Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB card will not be applicable on purchase from Navaras, Star & Sitara Salon & certain other categories
      How to get:-
  1. Visit BigBazaarProfitClub  | Terms and Conditions | Source
  2.  Click Enroll from top menu
  3. Buy Rs. 5000 or Rs. 10000 card
  4. Use on Big Bazaar