Big Bazaar Profit Club Pay Rs. 5000 / Rs. 10000 Shop for Rs. 6000 / Rs. 12000


Big Bazaar has recently launched a membership program called the ‘Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB’. The key benefit of this program is that its members can pay Rs. 5000 or Rs.10,000 and shop for Rs. 500 or Rs.1,000 every month, for 12 months. This means that you pay Rs. 5000 or Rs.10,000 but you actually get to shop for Rs. 6000 or Rs. 12,000.



  • To become a member, you just have to pay a nominal one-time registration fee of Rs.100.
  • Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB card will not be applicable on purchase from Navaras, Star & Sitara Salon & certain other categories




How to get:-

  1. Visit BigBazaarProfitClub  | Terms and Conditions | Source
  2.  Click Enroll from top menu
  3. Buy Rs. 5000 or Rs. 10000 card
  4. Use on Big Bazaar


15 Responses to “Big Bazaar Profit Club Pay Rs. 5000 / Rs. 10000 Shop for Rs. 6000 / Rs. 12000”

  1. ABDUL KHAN says:

    Bigbazaar is making fool to the customers……I had purchased for about Rs 6000 from them but when I went to DMART the same products were very cheaper as compared to bigbazaar……….DMART is far better than bigbazaar ……..u rea save a lot of money of you buy from DMART

  2. jerome william says:

    how to check the balance in my card?

  3. Ambrish says:

    Hi, if i take profit club card today for 10000 & do not shop for 3 months, it means that in 4th month, I can shop for 4000 INR? Is it so? Regards Ambrish

  4. nilesh says:

    Is it necessary to purchase every month?

  5. siva says:

    Buy the card on 30th you will get topup for 1000 instantly.Next day that is on 1st you will get topup for 1000.So on investing ten thousand you can take out 2000 immediately.

  6. Mukesh Sonawane says:

    Hey, this is a great deal.
    people who are regular buyers/customers of BBZ only knows the benefit of this card. it gives more than FD interest. i wish you people arrange more than 1000/- p/m & facility of top up to increase balance.

  7. Mandar says:

    It is a very good deal

    Actually it is profitable to both big bazaar and customers

    Customers get 20% more

    and big bazaar gets 100% returning customers which actually buys MORE THAN 1000 Every month

  8. n a nayar says:

    People regularly visiting Bigbazar,it is an advantage,while you compare th FD interest rate in Bank,provided, you have enough money.

  9. kartheek710 says:

    we will buy things we dont need so waste money

  10. saiswaroop1989 says:

    For Rs.2000 we have o invest Rs.10,000 for an year

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