First 200 Orders are Free starting @ 12:00AM on June 29th @ Myntra


First 200 Orders are Free starting @ 12:00AM on June 29th @ Myntra




First 200 orders on myntra are free. coupon will be shown at 10pm today on myntra. Coupon will work only for first 200 orders with maximum discount of Rs.2,000/- at 12:00AM on 29th.


 Update:- offer has expired now.


How to get:-

  1. Visit Deal Page Here
  2. Choose which you like and select your size
  3. Make Cart Amount Rs.2,000/- or more
  4. Login or Register
  5. Select or Update Shipping Details
  6. Apply coupon code NEVERSLEEP
  7. Pay the Remaining Amount



Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer will be provided in the form of a coupon which will be revealed at 22:00 HRS on 28th June 2013 on
  • This coupon is valid for one-time usage starting from 00:00 HRS on 29th June, 2013 for the first 200 shoppers.
  • There is no minimum purchase required for using this coupon.
  • The coupon entitles the user to a 100% discount on the order up to a maximum amount of Rs. 2000.
  • This coupon cannot be treated as cash equivalent under any circumstance or interpretation and shall under no circumstance exchange the coupon for cash.
  • This coupon cannot be used in part or combined with any other offer or coupon.
  • The balance amount, after the discount has been availed, will have to be paid by the customer at the time of purchase.
  • Some brands may be excluded from this offer.
  • reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, withdraw, change or modify the terms and conditions of the gift voucher at its sole discretion any time during its validity without prior notifications for any reason.
  • reserves the right to withdraw this scheme at any time before expiry of the scheme.
  • All disputes arising out of or in connection to this scheme are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Bangalore only.
  • Employees and family members of Myntra Designs Pvt. Ltd. And Vector E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. are not eligible to avail this offer.



Shared by jaypandey here


About Myntra

Myntra Myntra is one of India's largest online store who sells latest collections of apparel, footwear and accessories of best Brand. Customer care number:- +91-80-43541999 Myntra coupons|Myntra Deals
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127 Responses to “First 200 Orders are Free starting @ 12:00AM on June 29th @ Myntra”

  1. Ashish says: जितनी वाहवाह लेने की सोच रहा था , उससे कही ज्यादा गालिया खा रहा है !!

  2. Tushar Goel says:

    i was able to apply the coupon but payment is not processed tried lot of time is there any possibility that myantra will process my Order

  3. monu khan says:

    babaji ki booty…. lekre so jao ab… free me koi kisi ko kuchh nahi deta…

  4. NIKHIL says:

    site was completely down holllly crap…..

  5. harshitram says:

    worst sale. 3 hours time waste, but got nothing.

  6. awesome says:

    Thank You Myntra !
    I book a saree for my mom for FREE !! 🙂

  7. tulasiraolanke says:

    site is busy

  8. shivani says:


  9. sabbas says:

    never going to buy anything from myntra…just a waste of time…and a real crappy offer…

  10. Myntra admin says:

    Hello guyz!
    As of now we are done with first 200 order from almost 25 cities of the country.
    We are thankful to all of you and congratulations to all who got it successfully.

    Thanks alot and keep shopping.

    shantanu goel

    • sharad says:

      Fraud offer.

      They knew the site will go down with so much load and after some time they will announce that coupons are over.

  11. monu khan says:

    35 coupons left..

  12. ankit says:

    How can i post screenshot here pls tell

  13. ankit says:

    I done admin ji
    Full 2000 rs discount

  14. Nitesh says:

    if anyone have ordered then upload the image of ur order

  15. ms says:

    i have ordered 15

  16. monu khan says:

    bhai 150 shipping charge ke hisaab se 30000 to kama hi lenge….

  17. monu khan says:

    wallet 1500 rs.

  18. monu khan says:

    bhai shoes sare 4000 ke upar hain

  19. vivek says:

    coupon expired 200 done

  20. monu khan says:

    bhai mere 200 order complete ho gaye kal main isko 50% profit per sell karunga….. thanks….

  21. jai says:

    opps!coupon has expired now! they are charged on order amount ! thx admin…ordered 2….save 3459 Rs approx

  22. Myntra admin says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused!
    Please try after 1 hour.

    • Nitesh says:

      but u gave the time at 12.00 so update in ur site to 1.00 am

      • Myntra admin says:

        We are facing 20 time load than usual,we can’t increase our server request handling capacity now.
        Please bear with us!
        thank you!

        • Abhishek says:

          My coupon got applied but was taking forever to proceed to the next page. I refreshed after waiting 25 mins and my discount was taken away. I felt like I was held by force to make me not reach the payment gateway to pay the remaining amount. Sad!..

    • shopshopind says:

      Atleast confirm us, how many times coupons can be applied now?

  23. jai says:

    another order have been successful….yupeeee

  24. monu khan says:

    ye to sala irctc ka tatkal ticket ho gaya…

  25. Rajesh says:

    Order placed!!! YAY !!!

  26. chintan says:

    yaa its expired

  27. vajith says:

    bye bye everyone waste of one hour

  28. jai says:

    got 1 fast track watch…order have successful ….

  29. ajay says:

    coupon expired

  30. PRABHAT SOMANI says:


  31. deepak says:

    myntra are you able be even log in yet ?
    i think you must be stuck somewhere,isn’t it?

  32. awesome says:

    Sorry Coupon expired :'(

  33. Sanjayraj says:

    fk myntra

  34. monu khan says:

    Oops! Sorry, something went wrong. Please reload/refresh the page.

  35. lokesh says:

    do one thing all of you,stop surfing at myntra for 5 mins.let me complete my order 1st.then 1 by 1,thnkyou.

  36. deepak says:

    It this get successful imagine….they are spending 4lakhs without any returns

  37. Sanjayraj says:

    I got this msg We are experiencing almost 20 times more load than normal on our servers. Please bear with us and try again.

  38. vajith says:

    cant login

  39. Nitesh says:

    Site is not working “Oops! Sorry, something went wrong. Please reload/refresh the page”


    “503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request. “

  40. Akash singh says:

    Myntra down now

  41. Akash singh says:

    Damn i am not able to login what to do? Admin help

  42. Akash singh says:

    coupon will work at right 12?

  43. vinu says:

    Is it better to be ready with cart or wait till 12 and then fill the cart ?

  44. shopshopind says:

    site is down

  45. vinay says:

    Is it better to be ready with cart or wait till 12 and then fill the cart ?

  46. zoro says:

    Site is down try coral cdn …if it works dnt forget to thank me. 😉

  47. vajith says:

    Oops! Sorry, something went wrong. Please reload/refresh the page.

  48. ROSHNII says:

    it is applicable in all or not

  49. Sarthak says:

    myntra site is not opening..??? huge traffic on servers or what?

  50. PRABHAT SOMANI says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are under maintenance.

  51. Raju kumar says:

    Thanks for coupon i am ready with cart 🙂

  52. PRABHAT SOMANI says:

    Oops! Sorry, something went wrong. Please reload/refresh the page.

  53. deepak says:

    some upload the coupon

  54. zoro says:

    Thanks for sharing …just one ques
    whrn i apply it the amout will show the reduced bill na

    aisa na ho ki i m nt in first 200 nd pay krna pade mujhe..pura

  55. RAMA NADHA says:


  56. Pranoy Biswas says:


  57. Farhan says:

    Coupon is NEVERSLEEP

  58. rahul tandan says:


  59. harshitram says:

    where is the coupon? Did they reveal?

  60. harshitram says:

    Is it 100% off or not?

  61. arshed says:

    Hey it says its 100% off Why you saying its only 50% ??? but time is 00:00 29 June not 10 am ??

  62. admin says:

    They might send at email.

  63. madhur006 says:

    making us fool

  64. rocks says:

    were the coupon come !!!

  65. harshitram says:

    Where will we get the coupon at 10pm?

  66. Shaz says:

    Why will anyone give 100% discount?

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